ZAOUM is a form of russian futurist sonic poetry from the beginning of the 20th century.

The word « Zaoum » is a cross between the russian prefix za- (beyond) and the noun um (mind) and means « trans-mental ». Zaoum knows neither grammatical rules, semantical conventions , nor style norms.

This absence of rules is the starting-block of the duo ZAOUM, that brings together Dragos Tara (doublebass) and Sébastien Roux (live electronics).

This duo feeds off of mutual parasiting:
The electronics absorb the sounds of the doublebass and supply the bass with a sonic environnement that influences its improvisations, in a perpetual mouvement.
In this vicious cercle , sounds get dirty, are washed, loose their original colors before being dyed, are wrung, rarely softened, before starting a new cycle.

The recordings crashes into the synthesized sounds, before bouncing off the doublebass and its sonic clones.
The way sound fills space, wanders in it, intrigues ZAOUM, which comes in two shapes:

for small places: small rooms, flats, kitchens, bathrooms: small sound system
(min 4 loudspeakers)

for bigger venues our outdoors:
Stronger sound system (min 2 loudspeakers)

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